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No, it doesn't even do that. It's worse nonsense than ST-TNG technobabble.

Also DAB as implemented actually uses low bitrate per channel. Any VHF frequency from 42MHz to 275 MHz could do DECENT quality Digital Radio OR FM.

Some FM / AM sets sold today for the world market actually do 64 to 108MHz to suit old East European, Japanese, Western Europe and USA. They don't usually do LW now because that wasn't used except in Europe, North Africa and Russian Asia. Some older ones do have LW and also 42 MHz to 275MHz in several bands, possibly for marine, ham, US Weather and also Analogue TV sound in USA (and parts of Europe till about 10 years ago) as well as Japan and Eastern Europe.

DAB was too early and thinking behind it is now outdated with streaming for niche content. FM and AM are actually better for national mainstream radio and local/regional/community mass market radio. Far far more efficient for receivers, more robust, and FM in many phones (the WiFi & BT chip has it built in for free)

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