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Some sort of of politics to suit the national broadcaster was why they switched off FM.

Other countries have switched off DAB, or will never start it.

Ireland's National DAB only has RTE on it, and is 46% to 55% coverage depending who you believe, but useless for intercity travel. It is 128k or 64k (depending on station) mp2, too poor quality and coverage.

RTE are going to turn DAB off shortly.

DAB, especially SFN, also is ill-suited for local or community stations. FM serves better. Full national coverage needs AM! Hence R4 LW, RTE1 LW and Five Live on MW.

It turns out that DAB needs about twice as many masts, though lower power, than was planned just to match FM coverage on portables. FM in UK still not as good coverage as the big MW and LW Transmitters on AM.

Why are there no DAB pirates? The gear isn't actually very expensive. Use a PC based card / adapter sold for testing DAB receivers and a nice linear amp in the 200MHz band.

Because almost all DAB sets have FM. Many phones have FM. An FM radio starts at £2 and decent one is easier to use than a DAB set, sounds better, more range and x5 to x20 battery life.

Many DAB sets are used on FM. So called "Digital Radio" figures add DAB sets, DTT listening, Sat listening, Internet streaming.

Niche stations, especially national, are cheaper to do on the Internet and coverage on Mobile is better than DAB!

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