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Totally Sardonic Bank: Well, it must be, to have a TITSUP* the same week as THAT report

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I haven't looked up Alain but he says he has mental issues that account for not coping with the situation.

Not everyone has a credit card for online shopping and it's not like they'll be able to get one in the middle of this. And not everyone wants a bloody overdraft. (As I understand, Americans think overdraft is dishonest, and most Europeans don't have a credit card, but things may have changed.)

People are entitled to spend the money that is rightfully theirs, and waiting until they HAVE the money is prudent, but in this case it's gone missing "thanks" to TSB.

Last time was a bigger problem admittedly - possible biggest losers were a family reported by BBC who were house buying and their mortgage didn't come so they were suddenly homeless, at least till it was sorted out. Or, people whose money was taken by fraud in the middle of the fuss.

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