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> Plus who actually listens to broadcast media in these days of on demand podcasts, Spotify and other streaming music, and audio books?

People who want to listen to stuff thats happening live and if it is a pre-recorded show, those who want to avoid binging episode after episode as they get fatter and fatter eating mince pies and lebkuchen from Lidl. Also its better quality, at least when compared to iplayer that cant even give you the surround sound version of Dr Who that was broadcast on BBC 1 HD. And if I'm not there, I just record it.

Spotify: Cant stand the service. Its annoying and couldn't play me more than 2 songs from the same artist. I replaced it with a MP3 player which funnily enough doesn't charge me to use it and plays what I tell it too, when I tell it to and when I have no signal as I enjoy a walk along the beach. Funny, my MP3 player also has a FM radio built in and can record from it too and it works fin on the beach when spotify and DAB choke. Also funny, my smartphone has the same features, FM radio with recording which works when spotify chokes. However being on the beach the MP3 player gets the risky job of being accidentally dropped onto wet sand, not the smart phone

Audiobooks: I'm not going blind yet ;)

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