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OMG this is school kids stuff

Seriously, when I was in year 8 (approx 12 I think) I knew that radio waves traveled at the speed of light. Simply from school.

I also knew that wavelength IS NOT measured in MHz, which is a measurement of the frequency or number of cycles per second. Again, we did this at school, in fact I remember in year 10 looking at the way an antenna worked and how to calculate the length of the antenna depending on the wavelength desired. We also took turns to use a length of string to try and create an example of a standing wave.

We knew the difference between frequency, wavelength (and that older radios preferred to show it on their tuning dials). This was back in the 90's, when expensive FM tuners had RDS, there were 4 TV channels (5 if you were lucky lol) or many more if you pointed a dish to the sky, soda stream was 80's retro and the megadrive was the best (wanna sort that in the playground mate?).

Ok, I admit I may have paid more attention as I had a big interest in that sort of stuff since I was a kid. I quite liked my electronics set but in just over 20 years or so have we really dumbed down so much that nobody can even look up the basics of radio on wikipedia?

Hang on a sec.... I bet I can find something that exists elsewhere in the internet than just wikipedia. I'm using a thing called a search engine, its what we use to look things up on the web, just in case they are reading this and forgot that...

Here you go:


> Digital transmissions contain more information than conventional FM / AM

No they dont, the audio is compressed thus it HAS LESS information in it, which is the WHOLE POINT as you can now fit more stations into the same bandwidth. Also dont try and say that you need the higher frequency in order to send digital audio, you dont. Look up Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)

> compared to the 75KHz or so wavelength of analogue FM / AM radio broadcasts.

What? Trust me if you are being upsold to a DAB radio from an AM / FM one you may know / have an idea through decades of the existence of these radios what frequency ranges tend to be used. Heck my 2015 Samsung smart phone has an FM radio built in and its shows the frequency with the RDS station name to the side. Also MY car radio isnt a DAB one, so I may know that my MW wave band does not go below 530KHz or so and the LW band does not bow below 153KHz so what kind of radio are they referring to when they say that AM / FM is around 75 KHz?

Next I bet someone will describe processor clock speed as the distance bits must travel to get to the USB port.

Ok, not everyone is going to remember this stuff from school if they were not that interested but failing to even look up this information and do some very basic research using tools that 5 years olds today see as the status quo is simply depressing.

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