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VNC viewer, maybe? It's been around for EVAR. And it's still supported, last i checked.

I use VNC servers on headless Linux boxen sometimes. Tiger VNC is probably the easiest to set up.

You should probably NOT expose VNC's port to the outside world as-is, though. Instead you should use a VPN or ssh tunnel to access it from teh intarwebs.

(but yeah that's not as convenient as using some monolithic 'google print' thing or remote PC service)

/me points out that, with a little configguring, you can easily set up an Xorg desktop to do these things. you can even run X11 applications remotely though performance across 'teh intarwebs' is a bit pathetic sometimes. Still POSSIBLE though, as I've done this before, mostly for the lulz. Through ssh tunnels, of course.

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