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Radio, not just FM, is outdated

My understanding is that the ability (not costs, just the licence etc) to run a 64Kb DAB station is circa £1m per year.

That means they're loaded down with adverts every 10-12 minutes. The only station I've known to try ad-free was Team Rock which died a financial death - I'm aware some religious stations don't run adverts but instead sponsor shows and have regular fundraisers though. Just as annoying.

Radio is dead. FM offered better quality and reach, and in trying to extend the choice from the narrow FM band they created DAB that is just endless low quality pop, religion and more pop. Very few specialist music stations apart from the decades-themed ad-laden Absolute group.

As mobile networks provide more and more data, and Android Auto / Carplay become more standard, it is just as easy to hit a podcast or a curated playlist as it is turn the radio on. I've had my car for 6 months and never tuned in any of the radio presets.

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