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Royal Bank of Scotland IT contractor ban sparks murmurs of legal action


"Not much in the way of staff benefits at rbs.

They dont pay a pension contribution as such. When they give you the job they quote a salary of, say, £55k a year. Then you find out that they really mean a base salary of £42k with an extra 15% to cover your 'value' and another 15% which represents your gross pension contribution. They don't make any employers contribution to your pension whatsoever. You can let them pay the 15% into your pension, or just take it as cash if you want. However when they do something important like calculate your redundancy they use the lower salary figure as that's in their favour."

And if you've worked for them for say 25 years, then switch to a four day week after, say, having a child, then are made redundant a year later, the payoff if calculated on the basis of the 4 day week, with no account being taken of working full-time for 25 years.

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