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"Personally, I love flying with BA. My employer pays for the fare - and has to accommodate my non or late appearance, and I pocket the compensation money. It's actually working out really well for me.


Making lemonade, are you?


The other thing to do is to book tickets way in advance on flights you know will fill up such as when there is a popular event somewhere. Hopefully, you know an airline with generous compensation. When they asked for people to give up their seats, but first to raise your hand, both ways. Bonus if it's a flight with a stop and you can give up your seat a couple of times and get a free trip each time.

Way back when I was in college, there was a list of these flights (back before the internet, but after the dinos died out) on paper. We'd use the tickets our folks would get us to come home for holidays and spend 2-3 days sleeping in airports just racking up free flights and calling collect to say there were "weather delays". When spring break rolled around, we'd be set. Summer holidays wouldn't be boring either.

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