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Mysterious IT snafu at British Airways causes bunch of inbound flight delays and cancellations

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BA delays aren't all bad; me and the wife took advantage of their recent "two business class flights for £2019" deal, paid most of it in Avios and less than £800 in cash - that's in total. We got 24 hours advance notification of a delay to our return from Vegas which gave us the chance to visit the Hoover Dam (well worth it geeks) and still have time for a few comp champagnes in the lounge before the flight.

A broken lie-flat bed for me was solved by having the empty one next to me in landing configuration and the one I was in in sleeping mode; bliss. The compo she got from BA for the various issues ended up being significantly more than she'd paid for the two flights originally.

I am well aware that this much good fortune will never happen to me again; don't hate me.

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