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I think the post was suggesting that, if someone writes a phrase such as that incorrectly it means (in their view) that that person simply doesn't know the correct grammar - I seriously doubt that someone changes their brain mode to use incorrect grammar for a forum post - the difference is that the poster may not re-read and proof a post as much or at all compared to (say) a job application cover letter.

I usually give a post a check for stupid grammar and spelling errors but little more (more this time perhaps).

It is worth noting that an MP recently asked those who 'mock' to remember that he (the MP) is a severe dyslexic and cannot easily ensure all his tweets (particularly) are error free.

There are also those who might not have English as a first language and thus might make more errors (although in my experience, most learn English grammar which exceeds our own education standards).

Perhaps the poster was simply like me, educated in the 'Comprehensive' system where what you say matters more than how you say it. I disagree with this, mainly because, while text speak such as m8 might be obvious, bad grammar and using the wrong words, can cause serious miscommunication and misunderstanding.

And, as a contractor, I am currently working to rescue a project utterly destroyed by bad design and slapdash coding by someone who doesn't take care in either their code or their communication.

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