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"who are now suing us over the brexit damage we're causing them?"

Yes. I dont see how that link opposes anything I have said. Various countries looking to sue the UK and EU for not getting on with brexit and keep delaying it.

"Federalisation? No - Read our current agreement."

And how much is that agreement worth? Is it as solid as the signed agreement not to use our contribution to bail out Greece because they did it anyway. We cant stop them from federalising (and if they want to why should we?) and we only need another sell out gov to get trapped in that.

"Adoption of the Euro - under our current agreement we have a PERMANENT veto. We can never be made to join the Euro"

Great. So we just need to wait for the next Blair to adopt the Euro and gold plate further sell outs of the country.

"Eu army? Cheers for mentioning that. Now I know you're either trolling or intentionally lying"

Great straw man. I didnt say anything about conscription or any of the bollox you link to. However I do refer to the desires and attempts by members to create one-

Sorry you didnt realise it was the case but the EU project is seriously an attempt at an EUSSR/United States of Europe. Army, federalised and all the trimmings. Bureaucratic and interfering. Determined to try and push its way in with the 'big boys'.

"As for "leave means leave", you said there were no discussions on any conditions attached to a leave vote. Those links I posted show that there is."

Those links you post cant be conditions attached. Amusingly the advisory argument with parliament having a final say neuters any promises, even as PM (the Cameron referendum argument). The leave campaign couldnt guarantee anything because they wernt even in government! The government position was remain and outright refusal to discuss or plan for brexit. Sorry but the leave campaign is as factually constrained as the remain campaign if not less.

"Sigh, there are many fact checking sites out there, and even then, it's easy to research further, and not trust them blindly, and I know you're not a moron, so why are you continuing to push daily mail/express fibbing-points that you know are untrue?"

Since I dont read daily mail or express the points I make are based on the research I conduct plus nobody yet managing to factually refute them. Just like the EU army issue, we can believe we are right until proven wrong. Then we can either continue to repeat the same knowing its a lie or accept that is not as we thought.

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