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Not entirely the same is it. There's a big difference between a 3 hour train ride and a day or so on a plane to come back and visit relatives.

Maybe I'm unusual on here, but I actually value my family and friends and like to spend time with them - especially aging relatives who are increasingly spending more time in hospitals as they get older.

To me there is be a big difference between (a) accepting that tax laws change and that it's all part of the contracting/hired gun game that I've chosen to play and adapting to it even if it meant a relatively small change in my circumstances in the overall scheme of things, and (b) telling all of my family and friends that they won't be seeing very much of me from now on because i'm going to f*** off to the other side of the world just because I prefer their taxation practices for freelance workers....and ask my octogenarian parents not to have any more cancer relapses or heart attacks until I return for a visit at Christmas next year, as I won't be around for them until then.

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