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Royal Bank of Scotland IT contractor ban sparks murmurs of legal action


Not much in the way of staff benefits at rbs.

They dont pay a pension contribution as such. When they give you the job they quote a salary of, say, £55k a year. Then you find out that they really mean a base salary of £42k with an extra 15% to cover your 'value' and another 15% which represents your gross pension contribution. They don't make any employers contribution to your pension whatsoever. You can let them pay the 15% into your pension, or just take it as cash if you want. However when they do something important like calculate your redundancy they use the lower salary figure as that's in their favour.

My most recent bonus was the princely sum of £1000. I've had 3 bonuses in 10 years despite exceeding the median grade consistently. Incidentally my salary was frozen for 7 years after 2008 then my recent pay rises were 0.25%, 0.5% and finally 1% last year.

I'm not sure what staff training you are referring to. Aside from the determined to lead programme, which is basically an handbook of "management behaviours" they want to enforce, there is a negligible training. Around 7 years ago they stopped paying for external courses and shifted their focus to 'on the job' learning. Which basically means learning from other people In your team by hassling them, that's learning to do your Job, not learning a transferable externally recognised skill you could take somewhere else. They did lay on a cv writing course when I was made redundant.

Yes I was paid for holidays. Ironically the thing that attracted me to contracting was being able to take more and longer holidays.

There are no staff benefits. No staff mortgages, even the free staff current account was withdrawn around 3 years ago. A benefit worth the princely sum of £9.99 a month.

I did say at the top of my comment I now contract elsewhere. And I didn't suggest contractors don't pay tax. Like most people I quote my gross salary if I discuss it, seems fair to me to use the gross day rate as a comparison.

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