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Yes, let's ruin astronomy so more people can play games.

In my experience, satellite Internet service is generally rubbish. It's not so much the latency I mind, though it is annoying for SSH connections (I don't play online games). Weather can frequently cripple or disrupt service, and existing providers such as HughesNet impose ridiculous data-volume caps. Frankly, I don't see that improving much.

The vast majority of the rural US population has utility electricity delivered by overhead wire. Adding fiber lines to those poles is a relatively small additional expense: most of the infrastructure already exists, and the power companies already have to do routine maintenance. At the Mountain Fastness, we have fiber-to-the-premises courtesy of the local power co-operative, which does exactly this. They created an ISP subsidiary to fund the rollout.

For the cost of launching the satellites to provide equivalent coverage, you can run a lot of fiber alongside existing infrastructure. And once the fiber is already run next to someone's property, it becomes a lot easier to sell them a hookup and ISP contract.

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