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While an automated testing system may have helped with the software defects, I'm not sure it would have addressed the other shortcomings of the project:

- the timescale was too short (also a potential reason for not getting around to using automated test tools)

- the initial capacity requirements were understated. While there were mitigating factors (it was based on the previous gen platform and time was short) it was never addressed later in the project.

- the new architecture was untested. Not only were defects an issue but the whole environment was new and poorly understood.

- the tests that were carried out were lowered due to concerns around the impact on the new system as the ATM network was already using the new platform. Instead of testing at the expected system capacity, they tested to 50% capacity which was

- they knew there were shortcomings in the Customer Services platform that meant that it was not possible for all customer service staff to use the system and that an issue with on data centre would reduce this further. Again testing was not carried out in a way that represented a normal day due to known issues with the application stability meaning tests lasted for 2 hours rather than 8+ hours..

And IBM threw a very large bill at them....I guess that is sort of similar.

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