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You only just realised that?

I was still fairly wet behind the ears as a contractor in 2000\2001, obviously the agency skims off the cream or so I thought.

Then while early into a contract somewhere in Herts, someone somewhere at the client\agency decides for a couple of weeks to send me the sign off authorisation for the agency invoice for my hours. By strange coincidence I discovered that my rate was half of what they were paying me.

Some years later I discovered that as Team Lead, my barely English speaking underlings from another agency were getting more per hour than myself & by yet another strange coincidence my agency handler......I mean rep took me to lunch the same day.

Over lunch he mentioned a small rise due to my work performance (Client feedback), I mentioned that the new rate was still lower than the others which he stated:

"OK I can match that rate for you, but I want you to know I'm not making anything off this!"

"I have been in this game a long time, I may be fresh off the boat as far as Canada is concerned but I have been contracting for over ten years now, I'm pretty sure that someone somewhere is doing very well off the back of my work"

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