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American telcos get 90 days to wrap up deals with, er, dangerous Chinese supplier – that's Huawei the news goes

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"Germany that's been pressing for sanctions against Hungary and Poland."

Still Merkel is very cozy with Orban, didn't push Fidesz out of the European People Party, just suspended it - it's just theater, they had to show something, but actually Orban knows it can keep on unchallenged. And Fidesz voted for Ursula von der Leyen....

Germany gave six billions from EU to Turkey to stop immigrants through the Balkan route towards Hungary, and utterly ignored those coming through the Mediterranean to Greece and Italy.

BMW is opening a new plant in Hungary, despite the unemployment rate in East Germany and the raise of AfD.

Germany economy is sustained by exports, they won't do anything that could lead the Chinese government t to hit those exports - especially now their automotive sector is not going well - and being China a non-democratic country, companies will bend to the government will immediately.

"Not sure where you heard that"

European press, i.e. "Corriere della Sera" in Italy - which is not an anti-European Germanophobe populist paper.

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