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"Leave just means leave, eh? You keep forgetting (you've been reminded before):"

And you obviously dont read, I know. The official campaign lied its arse off. The negotiation period was a farce of anything to remain. Even getting an extension the bloody gov took a holiday!

This does not change the fact that people voted to leave. According to the remain campaign we should have had 2 recessions so far (the result and submitting art50), the end of western civilisation, back of the 'queue' with US trade talks and worse of all the power of the government was threatened to be used against the population if we didnt vote remain (the punishment budget). Cameron promised to remain to negotiate even if we vote leave, promised to implement the result the day after, etc.

So yes leave means leave just as remain means remain. What does remain mean? Further integration? EU army? Federalisation? Adoption of the Euro?

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