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"I voted remain originally. In the GE I voted for a purported leaver. Apart from that, he was standing based on the sort of things I thought best represented me."

Good. I can respect that. So leave won the referendum job done. However some remainers paint brexit as the most important thing (look at this GE with the politicians now doing it) it counts. It doesnt need to count, the result is in and we should be leaving. Question asked and answered.

"the EU MEP elections based on overall representation for the next 5 or so years rather than on one single policy."

Possibly but since the most voted parties were the brexit party to get us out and the libs to positioned themselves as the remain party it seems people voted for less than 5 years.

"Anyone claiming the GE was a another referendum is just building strawmen"

Thats fine, about as valid as the idiots claiming we need another referendum because they cant count or dont understand that the result.

"Because it's a cross party matter"

That is very true. Which makes it difficult when we have the result and the damn stubborn anti-democratic members of the parties stop the result from being implemented.

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