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"Leave or remain. But can you or anyone tell me what "leaving" means beyond "leave means leave""

Amusingly the tautology is actually correct, leave means leave the EU. It doesnt go into detail over what remain means nor what leave means it literally is the binary choice.

"the Will of the People is against leaving with no deal and against leaving with a deal."

So in that case there is no way we can remain. It is a socialist/capitalist, globalist/protectionist, trade block/federalising project, etc. The fact is there is no one harmonious vision of remain as there isnt for leave.

"And what the fuck we should do seeing as the Will of the People was also against remaining?"

Since leave is the result and unnecessarily confirmed 3-0 it means we need to leave the EU.

"Sure, the main political parties claimed they'd respect the result of the advisory referendum but no one has any clue how it can be respected when there is no majority for any course of action."

There is the legal default. That is the factual end point if they cannot agree to a course of action. So hard brexit if they cant get their shit together. Brexit is a unilateral action so it can be implemented without permission or agreements.

"But keep on blaming remainers when it's leavers who can't agree on how to leave. Welcome to your nightmare."

Erm, we are still in the EU. The legal default is leave. It takes serious mental gymnastics to think this is the leavers fault, but only if you think about it.

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