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Most of us are not really 'running businesses', are we? We're one person companies

Is a plumber/joiner/builder/decorator/cleaner running a business when setting out on their own? There is no requirement for a company to consist of more than one person.

I run a company. I keep accounts up to date, submit relevant data to authorities, maintain insurances, search for clients, market my company.... The list goes on. True, it is on a smaller scale than many, but it is still a legitimate business and I run it as such. In time, I hope to it grow into a fully-fledged consultancy with employees and several, but for now it is just me, contracting.

The one thing I am not, to my clients, is an employee. I accept more risk and responsibility than an employee and work in a completely different manner.

Personally, I don't care that much about the tax levels. If they increase the tax rates involved, I'll pay them. Tax is not even on the radar of reasons I am contracting.

However, what I do object to is being taxed differently to other small business owners and trying to classify me as an employee, especially an employee of my client with no employment rights from them (and can no longer provide them to myself from my own company).

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