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If it's not cloud, GTFO: Sage flogs payments business to US firm Elavon for £230m


Sage really has turned itself into a genuinely awful company over the last ten years

Since Stephan Kelly and the current dead eyed monster took over, the company has made bad decision after bad decision whilst simultaneously ensuring that none of the employees trust and like the company

This is another decision that will see employees thrown out of the company. A company that is so caring it sacks people by email or in masses

It's a company that moved IT and HR to Poland to save a few pennies at the complete removal of any functionality of those departments and one that pretends it's apps are cloud based, when they aren't and customers don't even want them to be

For 20 twenty years it has been trying to kill off it's main two products, yet still doesn't haven anything in their place to take over from them

Idiots and greedy men run this shit show and it's a terrible shame because Sage used to mean something to employees and customers, now it just means no loyalty and conning people into stuff they don't need

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