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"Climate Emergencies" are invented by press and politicians when they want to stir up public opinion or sell something (newspapers, advertising, unpopular policies, whatever). Science simply ploughs on, building up a body of evidence that nobody wants to read about because it's not melodramatic or divisive enough.

We talk about Climate Change because, since the 19th century, that's what it's been referred to in scientific papers. Are you confusing newspaper headlines with actual science?

Discredited models and fake data? Are you sure? You have citations (that don't come from sensationalist Op Ed pieces, I mean)?

We are currently, according to very well researched evidence, at, or possibly a little way past, the point where changes in human behaviour might have helped to reduce the impact of CO2 on our climate. Scientists regard this as an emergency, not simply because the opportunity to do something is rapidly slipping away (if it hasn't already) but also because no bugger seems to be interested in doing anything in case it interferes with profits. No, the world is not going to end in fire in 20 years, but neither is it going to "sort things out on its own"

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