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So, what's new about this?

Everybody talks about how crap MS is for not testing their Windows builds correctly - and they're right. Sadly, this is just the way software is done these days, apparently by everyone, if El Reg's stories are anything to go by. Wanna program? Just half-ass code it, fart in the general direction of testing it, then push it out the door and try to fix it when it breaks and the users scream.

There's an old saying "Why is there never time to do things right, but always time to do things over?" Not to mention damage to one's reputation and possible legal problems, but nobody seems to care much these days about that. Instead, we always keep hearing the same, old crap: "We take quality/security/privacy/whatever VERY SERIOUSLY" = "We don't give a toss because we don't think it will impact bottom line, or we'll be gone by the time it does."


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