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Royal Bank of Scotland IT contractor ban sparks murmurs of legal action

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My friend's sister's husband has worked there as a temporary contractor since 2001. He earns four times what the regular employees earn doing the same job, or so he boasted. I'm not one to grudge anyone else's income, especially since I like his wife, but he's not as techie as me and during the banking crisis it began to become wearisome that he was still employed and royally over paid while I lost my bank account.

There is a lot of lingering hatred for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Scotland across the political spectrum, and presumably in the rest of the UK too. Utter shysters, dastards, and one King Cnut, Sir Fred the Shred. It's not just what they did to the tax payers, they had a policy of driving small business owners into bankruptcy for their profit.

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