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The client doesn't pay £60K more - they've got to train you to meet this weeks' legislation hot-cake, insure you, run a personnel dept, run a pension scheme or two (BT, GM and Ford are practically bankrupt simply down to pension liabilities) pay maternity leave - as well as put up with crap employees that are difficult to get rid of or perpetual sickie pullers - then end up in court for bogus unfair dismissal cases which they just fold on and pay up - I've had two days off sick in 30 years of contracting. I've often done the work of two or three permies - particularly in coding roles.

Yes there are a lot of excellent permies - but many are bone-idle - particularly in government and council roles. The overall cost is high and efficiency low - even worse if you go off-shore and get three utterly useless bums on seats for the price of one UK permie. Permies are NOT cheap - the hidden costs are enormous. If you want 5 man days' work you need 12 permies (including support staff) to cover it for all the reasons above. Or you could just hire 5 contractors with the right skills and get the work done - and what if the skills required are varied and changeable? With permies you end up with 10 square pegs in 10 round holes.

I know several 40-50 year-olds all excellent in their roles who have done all the travelling round the globe for work, got the T-Shirt and just want to earn an honest crust in the UK - what's wrong with that? - IR35 will destroy thousands of UK jobs and steer big companies who don't want the hassle to outsourcing companies. I suspect this very outcome has been lobbied for by the likes of Andersens, PWH and TCS - which is why why a so-called Tory government is implementing such a Labouresque retrograde tax which will hurt the sort of people who are (were) part of their core voting base.

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