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Impacts elsewhere in dot Gov dot UK

Elsewhere in Gov, as HMRC dictate to their nearby departments how to use CEST and how difficult it should be to assess a contractor as Outside (conveniently leaving out mutuality and years of case law), said contractors are leaving in numbers due to fear of retrospective action, an inability or unwillingness to take a 20% cut in their income (given their role was assessed as outside only 6 months ago by the same departments!) plus a general displeasure at how they are being treated. They are taking their skills, knowledge, experience but also their in-flight projects' abilities to deliver with them.

All of the above is affecting Brexit projects! Sorry 'EU Exit' as its referred to in Gov. "There will be cost implications in back-filling those roles" to quote an anonymous source and yes Big consultancies are standing by salivating ready to provide on-shore, off-shore, near-shore, far-shore and all the shores in order to shore-up those projects which have Brexit-driven deadlines or BAU commitments. All in the master plan eh HMRC?

Yes I am a contractor, yes I am in dot Gov and the impact is real,and significant. AC obvs.

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