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Thank you for your reply. And Japan?

Because I genuinely hadn't looked up anything before then. I couldn't, because I didn't know which goods would be picked.

Let's ignore unicycles, because you must be joking there. Hardly a huge benefit for our society.

Apples and coffee - I googled "Japan tariff <product>", and it looks like Japan has tariffs for both. (The first hit for apples was a news article on a trade deal with the US, lowering tariffs. The one on coffee showed a table with a 20% import tariff on the type of coffee you'd picked.)

I did the same for Russia, and found that it's banned the import of apples due to counter-sanctions. So I apologise for including them on the list - I'd forgotten they were under sanctions.

But the fact that I asked for MULTIPLE countries and you're only quoting the ones that you found a 0% tariff - and ignoring issues of sanctions - suggests that you're not arguing in good faith. You're cherry picking your data to try to support your predetermined conclusion.

We are not, as you say, all consumers. We are also all participants in our own economy. Would British orchard owners be able to survive a 0% import tariff on apples? I certainly have no wish to sell them out. I don't know any orchard owners, but that won't stop me from asking if a 0% tariff is bad for them. That's called being a decent citizen.

You have not convinced me. You cherry picked data, and therefore have lost all credibility on this issue.

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