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801.11ac should be able to deliver 433Mbps+

801.11n should be able to deliver ~300Mbps assuming you don't have any of the well known wifi limitations (i.e. 2.4GHz only, single antenna limiting you to <150Mbps).

Everything else assumes good configuration practices (i.e. avoiding interference which is the real killer in the 2.4GHz band, ensuring line of sight to access points to avoid depending on signal bounce, not using terrible client devices that cause all wifi devices on same band to drop to lower speeds, within acceptable range of AP to get advertised speed, sufficient AP's to maintain an acceptable client-to-AP ratio to meet required bandwidth and sufficient upstream bandwidth for client:AP ratio etc)

For 5G in public spaces with contention, physical obstructions, distance and limitations for tower locations? If they can manage ~20Mbps sustained with bursting to >100Mbps I suspect >90% of users would be satisfied.

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