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> Contractors are not avoiding tax, they are running

> businesses and paying tax according to the tax code.

This whole 'just following the rules' thing would be a lot more believable if my fellow contractors didn't immediately depram the toys at any change to the rules that doesn't benefit us financially.

Most of us are not really 'running businesses', are we? We're one person companies, two at a push if we're pretending to employ a spouse, providing one client with one worker, and always the same worker.

If that description doesn't apply then there's a good chance IR35 doesn't either.

IR35 looks like being a bit of a pain in the bum, but it wouldn't have happened if 'contractors' who were to all intents and purposes permanent employees hadn't been taking the piss for so long.

In the end there's work to be done so there's money to be earned and if we are all so amazing as we claim we'll still get plenty of it.

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