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Look at your salary and image it being worth only two-thirds of that next year and tell me that you'd feel perfectly fine with a 50% price hike for fuel.

After Dad died, we were doing a clear-out and found his salary book from the 70s. Around 74 maybe?

He was getting a 2% pay rise, every month. This was because inflation was over 20% - and the company would go bust if it started paying its staff 24% more at the beginning of the year. But if they waited until the end of the year - he'd only be on 3/4 of his original salary, in cash terms, and he wouldn't be able to afford it.

On the plus side, their mortgage was "only" at about 18% interest - and the face value of it was dropping rapidly in real terms.

It being the 70s, he needed all that money to keep me in brown trousers and purple t-shirts. Often with orange stripes.

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