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Who loves Brexit? Irish distributors ... after their sales jump by a third

Philip Storry

This "majority vote" - would that the the 2016 Referendum that saw the largest electoral crimes this century? The one where Vote Leave purposefully funnelled $675,000 to other campaigns in order to bypass spending limits?

That's almost a 10% overspend, which is pretty unheard of in our democracy. And it was done in the final three days, used to fund millions of Facebook ads - so it's not like we can say "Well, it had no effect".

The referendum result shouldn't be respected. Not unless you approve of electoral crime.

And it would be very odd to be going around wanting a democracy for which electoral crime is a cornerstone.

If it weren't advisory, the referendum would have been re-run - just as a council or constituency election would be if such crimes had been found. But it was advisory. So we have a simple choice - approve of electoral crime and "respect the result", or not approve of electoral crime and reject the result.

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