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IR35 treats contractors as lesser permies.

PAYE on both employee and employer sides, plus max 3% expenses claimable, irrespective of actual expenses. No sick, no paid vacation. Nothing.

The tangible loss if benefits and the flexibility of the workforce is why contractors got paid more. They take on more risk.

Sure and hourly rate over a year might be £100k, but if they only do 6 months then that's instantly cut in half.

You show me a permie who is capped at 3% expenses and has to pay both sides of the PAYE bucket and we'll talk. And let's not forget, a sick permie in bed with the cold is a paid permie. A permie drinking Sangria on the beach is a paid permie.

Last I worked in blighty (2001) as a contractor I calculated that my total net payouts from gross came to over 60% if I'd done IR35 again.

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