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Re: "the country has an advantageous business and digital tax environment"

@Doctor Syntax

"Real Brexit thinking - have cake and eat it."

For Ireland (the whole Island) and since they currently have 2 regimes as I already pointed out it wouldnt be hard.

"You can only have one regime. They're sticking with the in EU regime and prospering."

Who is? You mean the buggered by the EU proper Ireland who required bailing out because of the Euro booming their economy then shafting it? Oh the prosperity. And the Apple case with the tax issue shows loss of sovereignty under the EU. Losing so much but you go ahead and call it a win. Say the same for Greece while your at it.

"Business is moving from the UK to Ireland because Ireland stays in the EU and the UK is leaving."

Did it say moving? The article is pretty clear- Gurvan said sales over the next two quarters, and of course the transition period, would show if the growth was solely Brexit-related. But ok lets say they are brass plating or meeting the minimum EU requirements.... you think such isolationism is a good thing? How does that work out?

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