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The silence of the racks is deafening, production gear has gone dark – so which wire do we cut?

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I take your volcano and raise you Eat Midlands Electricity Board

It did finally get me the budget for a data centre UPS (£80,000) but a week of intermittent power caused several days downtime as power spikes and drop outs caused individual mainframes and peripherals to drop out or fail. The piece de resistance, having had the entire DC powered down for 5 hours waiting to be told power was stable escalating the call to a senior engineer and then starting the power upo process was for them to drop the power just as several bamhs of HDA's were spinning up. These are the Main Frame Belt Driven Disk Drives of legend. Whilst I was fortunate enough that we didn't get a head crash we got thrown/ broken belts on several devices this lead me to have 2 mainframes on their backs waiting for engineers to come and fix these while the mini computer / unix sys admins were preening about how reliable their machines were (for a change).

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