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Who loves Brexit? Irish distributors ... after their sales jump by a third

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"Yes, welcome to democracy where everyone continues to get a vote throughout their lifetime despite a vote in one particular year."

So your pro voting but anti implementing the vote result?

"A deal was promised"

I didnt see that on the voting slip. It was promised to be implemented though.

"there was no majority to leave without a deal"

There was even less support to remain. In any form.

"yet that is very nearly what transpired"

The legal outcome of implementing the exit procedure.

"Long may the frustrations continue."

With ongoing economic damage from uncertainty? Assuming your in the UK surely that is self inflicting pain?

"It's not too late to change your opinion, millions already have"

Very possibly true but yet support is still to brexit. It is still the majority. It won 3 votes out of 3.

"reverse Brexit now!"

Implement brexit now!

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