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The silence of the racks is deafening, production gear has gone dark – so which wire do we cut?

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For your UPS power needs may I suggest this one:


the 200 Kilowatt version of a Ballard Fuel Cell which can run off of Pure Hydrogen, Methanol OR with a bit of modification PROPANE !!!

The fuel cells are UTTERLY QUIET with NO generator noise at all !!!

With the right fuel source they can act as prime power too!

We modified the 200 KW Ballards into a 20 Megawatt stack for the Northern British Columbia data centre running off propane. The proton-exchange membrane isn't really targeted for the much higher molecular weight of Propane since they USUALLY run off hydrogen, BUT some judicious mods on our part fixed that problem lickity split! When you're running 160,000 of 125 watt CPUs/GPUs, ya kinda need that 20 megawatts to be full independent of BC Hydro...what a yearly propane bill though!

One litre of Propane will power 7,124 Watts for one hour so 20 megawatts uses 2808 litres of propane per hour and 24.6 million litres per year and at 25 cents Canadian Dollars for a bulk purchase rate, it's around $6.2 million CAN per year to run the place BUT IT IS FULLY OFF-GRID and has NEVER had to rely on outside power. And when you use high pressure tanks (600 PSI) at 250,000 litres each you only need 40 underground full insulated and isolated tanks to run for TWO YEARS fully off-grid!


Finance and Science people are very weird! They blow hundreds of millions of dollars on huge data centres and the fully off-grid fuel systems to power them BUT only put in a 10 gigabit Ethernet connection to Vancouver, New York, Berlin and Toronto? Are You Kidding Me? 260,000 CPUs and who knows knows how much global system RAM and enormous amounts of SSD storage and you put in a TINY 10 g/bit connection? WTH?


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