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I've always wondered why you can't buy PSU's with built in batteries.

Compaq Deskpro 386 - a couple of hulking great caps in it's PSU, enough to keep the thing up for at least a few seconds of power failure.

During the mid 90s I was running a BBS. Mt Ruapehu was having a hissy fit and as the national power grid runs nearby, the ash on the wires was causing some headaches for much of the rest of the island, including regular (several a day) momentary power outages of a second or two.

We'd get a few hours of clean leccy, the users would start to trust it'd be OK, start connecting.. The lights would flicker, monitor go dark, modem hang up as the other end's PC shut down, and a few seconds later the lights would be on again I'd be able to turn the screen on and the PC would still be happily running.

(That computer had another great feature I really miss - the ability to lock out the mouse and keyboard via a KB shortcut that was built into the bios. The machine could boot and do everything normally but you couldn't use the KB without the PW - no screen saver or dropping back to a login prompt. Think I still have it somewhere stuck in a closet, wonder if it still runs...)

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