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You would think. Our egress isn't legal for emergencies (windows are too small and open out into the window wells, which are not kept clear of snow for the 6 months that's an issue) but when that was reported to the local fire marshal our entity got a pass - apparently because our space isn't supposed to be used as office space we don't rate egress?!? This is by the same fire marshal that wouldn't sign off on a building occupancy permit until we had 2 different alarm systems with separate vendor phone lines for the building and the steel beams had to be coated with flame resistant coating. Which was an open gazebo made entirely of steel. He got quite upset when I suggested that anyone that couldn't figure out which way to escape out of a gazebo on fire probably should be cleansed from the gene pool.

Something is rotten, but I'm not going to be able to fix it. Hopefully I get out of here before this rock pile falls into the hole I work in.

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