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As you will appreciate, politics is about voting for the least worst choice. That's currently Labour.

Labour are never the least worst choice - even in a choice between a labour government or being shot in the face, they still come second.

Labour always bankrupt the country which always leads to public spending cuts because the money never existed in the first place. Its time the UK grew up and left behind socialism, which is the greatest evil ever designed by mankind.

Labour are the most racist party in British politics by a good long way. They're right on the verge of being found to be institutionally racist by their own EHRC. Horrible horrible people. Nastly little economically illiterate, misogynist, racist buffoons who have no business being near power, ever. And I say that as one who has voted for them in the past and was raised "red or dead". The sooner this vile party folds the better this country will be.

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