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"Right, because he didn't win it, it wasn't fair."

In this case, I suspect he is upset because while AWS had the best proposition, they haven't won.

Against Oracle and IBM, AWS and Microsoft were so far ahead that Oracle and IBM weren't even in the race and yet Oracle still protested that it was unfair.

Against Microsoft, AWS have about a three year head start on migrations as a large chunk of DoD cloud hosting is already with AWS because their competitors are still standing up DoD GovCloud facilities.

The analogy I would make is with car racing - AWS have been winning the race for the last 4-5 years with very little competition and meet ALL of the DoD's requirements. This year there will be some competition but their car is only running on two wheels at the moment and is likely to start the race 6 months late (Azure are still standing up facilities to meet DoD GovCloud resilience requirements - I do not believe these are operational at this point in time). In two years time, Oracle and IBM hope to be ready to join the race if the DoD pays them enough.

The irony of Oracles complaints about the DoD being dependent on one supplier with JEDI going to AWS is that JEDI and most office requirements (i.e. Office365) is that the DoD has effectively gone with one supplier at this point in time.

On paper, there was one clear winner for the JEDI contract in terms of cost, ability to deliver services and meet time frames that the DoD wanted as well as fitted in with other strategic IT decisions the DoD has made.

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