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"not in the best interests of shareholders"

As usual, what is in the best interests for the company and for its staff doesn't factor anywhere, just make sure the shareholders get their extra few cents on their next dividend and fuck the employees. HP doesn't need to merge with another company, it needs to sort out the quality and longevity of its printers, rationalise the software it supplies with its printers (would Sir like 1Gb of Disney branded shit ramming onto your machine with your drivers?) and price its consumables competitively. The USP of having the print head on the ink cartridge has served HP well for 35 years but everyone else has caught up now and there is no noticeable advantage to that design any more, so they should consider ditching it and moving to a separate print head and ink cartridge (like everyone else) to significantly reduce the price of their cartridges as its the main reason the bottom has fallen out of their entire printer business model anyway.

And as for the shareholders, bollocks to them! It may seem old fashioned now, but the 'HP Way' which Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard used to manage the company served it very well for over 60 years when it made a profit in just about every single operating quarter while having a very happy, productive and fiercely loyal workforce as well as producing high quality, reliable products which people were prepared to pay for and which gave good service.

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