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It's not the standard way to provide everywhere. It's the cheaper single provider way. Also there is a big difference between a multiplexed up link, time division multiplexed up link and a switched up link. A couple of them have far more bandwidth available.

Point to point fttp can go back to the cabinet, be switches there, with enough bandwidth back to the exchange. Yes it means it's more expensive, requiring large cabinets, but means far more bandwidth is available. You are not sharing 2gb/s with 64 homes, with only 35mbit/s down and 16mbit/s up guaranteed (backhaul dependent), as you get with GPON.

Depending upon the density of the population in the area also means everything may just go back to the exchange/POP. Example of this is rural areas and B4RN. 1Gbit/s P2P, with 2 x 40Gbit/s uplinks per POP, which can be easily increased with DWDM if needed.

High fibre count cable sizes are not like copper, 1024 fibre trunk direct burial in around 20mm in diameter. With ducting fibre being thinner. The fibre count doesn't increase size much, its the sleaving and protection that takes up the space, so a slight increase in dimension increases the space available for the actual fibre dramatically.

But larger fibre counts do present problems with fix times when damaged.

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