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Purely anecdotal, and a tiny and extremely biased sample, but FWIW....

I've been out canvassing for, ahem, a well-known political party five times in the last few weeks. It's an affluent area on the fringes of outer London where suburbs break up into small home counties towns. Observations, not just mine but others who have longer experience canvassing the area:

1. The Labour vote has collapsed outside traditional core heartlands. Middle class Labour voters are few and far between.

2. A lot of people really don't like Johnson. A lot of people really don't like Corbyn.

3. The traditional centre party squeeze effect on Lib Dem support seems to be running more strongly than usual, apart from strong Remain supporters. My guess is that both Lab and Con leaders are further from the centre than usual, and that this strengthens floating voters' impulse to run back to the perceived safety of their original home. (The "don't vote Lib Dem or you'll let in Boris / Corbyn" effect.)

4. Counter-balancing that is a LOT of "Well, normally I vote Labour / Conservative, but I really don't like Corbyn / Boris". In this (safe Conservative) constituency, the outcome of (3) Vs (4) is where we find how big the Conservative majority is.

5. Immigration is hardly coming up at all on the doorsteps.

6. "Sick and tired of the whole lot of them" would probably be a landslide winner if it was on the ballot.

7. People are mostly quite nice. Been wishes "good luck" and had sympathetic remarks about the cold, etc, from supporters of all parties and none. Which is nice.

The only prediction I'll make is that, regardless who wins, a law banning video doorbells would get widespread cross party support! Bloody things... ;)

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