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“Zionist conspiracy”???

No and putting words into people’s mouth is the very problem.

no “conspiracy” *You* are dumping words not even used, to twist and colour the original point. The definitive strawman.

I mention semitism and Zionism are two separate concepts, with an article supporting the point. there is no mention at all of conspiracies until *your* comment. *You* are colouring it with *your* prejudices and biases.

One is about race and is wrong, the other is about geography and politics.

Racial prejudice is wrong, geopolitical discussion is not. There can be people who agree with both, neither or one of them.

Of those, the ones who agree in racial prejudice, the specific variant here being anti semitism, are WRONG. No question.

But Those who question the borders of Israel/Palestine are not different from those questioning the borders of Kurds/Catalan/Rohingyas/Kashmiris. Questioning borders and a country’s war actions when there is disagreement is NOT WRONG.

There is nothing special or privileged about Israel’s border dispute versus all the other border disputes, involving ethnic identities, all around the world.

The prejudice to *any* ethnic identity is wrong, Palestinians too.

By your logic, by not allowing discussion of Israel’s borders and action, as one does with ANY other nation state, you would defacto be anti Palestinian and thus racist and an Islamaphobe, by your very logic, and thusIslamphobia is some a Palestinian ”conspiracy”. This is absurd. I don’t believe in conspiracies and nonsense like you mention.

If your logic does not work on the side you don’t agree with, it doesn’t stand.

Come up with unprejudiced arguments to support your case, and don’t throw strawmen and red herrings. No conspiracies and tin foil nonsense.

I am not supporting Corbin, but that article comes across as written with prejudice, but on the other side, which is just as bad. That article does not contribute to a balanced discussion, and fails to make the case it is trying to.

Fight prejudice in all its forms, but not by showing it.

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