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we had to wait 3 months

Wow, only 3 months !

The problem is that anyone who can remember what it was really like pre-BT is, like those who can't remember the old BR dustbins, getting on a bit - late fifties at least.

Too many people see the past through rose tinted spectacles - a bit like how our town has a Dickensian festival and people dress up in Victorian era costumes. I see a rather different proportion of "well off and well dressed" to "has b***er all and works all hours to keep a hovel roof over the family" than there would have been, and those that do decide to dress up as the lowly ones seem to be rather fitter, healthier, and happier than most of them would have been. But I digress ...

I can (just) remember to old BR, and I can (just) remember the old GPO. I would not want to return to either of those. I notice that when there's some railway news (typically price hikes for the commuters), the ones in the vox-pop interviews wanting to renationalise the railways are all far too young to realise just what they are asking for. Cue the old saying, be careful what you ask for, you may get it !

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