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The ERG aren't Thatcherite in any way whatsoever. They're mercantilists. The thing they're closest to are actual Tories - as in the original Tory Party of the early 18th C. If Johnson isn't as close to them as he was while gathering members' votes to become PM, that's a good thing. The one advantage of a bit of Boris is that he'll take any stance that'll get him re-elected, so if the country actually wants to cancel Brexit, he'll do it.

Johnson's 'deal' was just political manoeuvring to allow him to hold an election. Kicking NI out of the UK is actually unacceptable, which is why it was never on the table before. For Al to return from Brussels claiming he's solved Brexit, while all he's done is to ignore the biggest problem, was disingenuous to say the least.

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