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BT used to be owned by everyone who paid taxes, then the torys gave it away to their friends who continued to raid the taxpayer for years and degraded the service

Degraded the service? No. Just. no. It used to be expensive, and poor in terms of quality. It's improved massively under privatisation.

Many things should remain public where competition makes no sense, eg trains

You do realise that the entire railway network in the UK was built by private companies in the 19th century? Competition always makes sense if you want a decent service; competition between companies on service and quality pushed passenger numbers to 1.5 billion journeys a year just before WW1.

When nationalised, traffic dropped down to ~750 million a year when the railways were in public ownership apparently because nobody wanted to use crowded and filthy trains, and then they closed down parts of the rail network that they didn't think were worthwhile to keep open. Privitsation bought new rolling stock and other improvements, and passenger numbers are now at 1.7 billion journeys a year; bigger than the Victorian network usage.

I don't use the trains, so would be quite happy to see them privitised again; but i'm fairly sure that this wouldn't go any better than last time.

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