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Let out the magic smoke.

There I was, it's 2003 in deepest, darkest Iraq, the rebuilding, the successful in removal of Goddam Insane... you would think smart things are about to happen... but we are here.

Rebuilding/ cleaning up/ sorting out an old Iraqii Army Base, which had been bombed three times in 3 wars... 2 x by my own US Air Force! Well, building is rebuilt, new power, new everything... And we build out an important ( read big budget ) Office building for the CPA ( Coalition Provisional Authority!). Well, in Iraq, they love England... so electrical power and bits and pieces mirror old blightey... well, not with US Trained techs/ and engineers... all the computers bought from and shipped from CDW in USA... ( read US Power supplies and cables!). Well, one emergency phone call later and a late night flight from USAF/RAF Mildenhall... we had a box of 50 electrical plugs converters US <--> UK. ( hint, hint... they only convert the physical cable!).

Well, My buddy sets up 3 nice Dell computers on new desks... three monitors... all into one US Power strip! Oh, and he uses a US/UK converter at the end of the power cord! Way cool, fire up this puppy!!! Pop, pop, pop... all the magic smoke gets let out, and the powerstrip catches on Fire to boot!

The only savings grace was that the monitors were auto sensing and didn't get zapped... but all the power supplies on the desktops were hard switch 110/220 using a small flat head screw driver... and that was beyond his experience!

Fun times!!!

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